Equipment Financing

Optimize Your Cash Flow With Equipment Leasing

When your business needs new equipment, you likely dread needing to drain your cash and lines of credit. Buying the tools and machines of industry is expensive. Fortunately, you can achieve better cash flow with Ho’okele Capital’s leasing and financing options. Our programs help businesses like yours to get equipment without straining their cash flow.

Equipment Leasing Options

Many of our customers choose to lease their equipment because this provides them with the best possible financial situation. These are some of the benefits of opting for leasing:

  • Low, easy-to-manage monthly payments
  • No risk of equipment obsolescence
  • No need to use cash or lines of credit
  • Tax and accounting advantages

We have some special programs to help customers in unique situations. For example, government and municipal entities typically receive automatic approvals on leases. This includes federal and state agencies, uniformed services, emergency services, school districts and more.

Additionally, we have a sales and lease back program for customers in difficult financial positions. If you have equipment and need money now, sell it to us. We will lease it back to you. You receive cash now and regain ownership of your equipment after the final lease payment.

Equipment Financing Options

Some customers prefer to finance their equipment. By choosing Ho’okele Capital, you will enjoy these financing benefits:

  • No financial statements needed for small applications
  • Various payment options
  • Low down payments (or none!)
  • Large loan amounts available

Startup companies can receive special financing to help them get started. This is a great option if your business is less than two years old.

Additionally, we help businesses with poor credit. If you have hit hard financial times, we may still be able to approve you for equipment financing. It is okay if you have B-, C- or D-credit.

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