To triumph in the world of business, access to a variety of commercial finance options is essential. Financing can provide capital for countless business needs at just the right time, from corporate renovation projects to new product lines. At Ho’okele Capital, we have your business covered with loans, leases and other financing solutions that are easy to use and apply for. We also have a diverse offering of commercial real estate financing solutions such as bridge lending, fix and flip financing, land acquisitions and development funding.

SBA Loans

The normal ebb and flow of the business industry sometimes makes it difficult for small companies to stay afloat. Ho’okele Capital offers small business loans designed to help these companies thrive whether they are just starting out or have been established for years. The flexibility of an SBA loan makes it an excellent investment for any small business.

Equipment Leasing

When your business needs new equipment, you likely dread needing to drain your cash and lines of credit. Buying the tools and machines of industry is expensive. Fortunately, you can achieve better cash flow with Ho’okele Capital’s leasing and financing options. Our programs help businesses like yours to get equipment without straining their cash flow.

Purchase Order Financing

Satisfied customers result in a number of powerful advantages for your company, such as a valuable reputation for excellence and countless referrals from your clients to potential customers. With purchase order financing from Ho’okele Capital, you can harness the best customer service and propel your company far beyond competitors.

Technology Financing

We offer customized financial solutions for renewable energy, IT and telecommunications projects. For example, we can help fund solar farms, wind farms, bitcoin crypto mining, edge computing centers, data centers, mobile backhaul telecommunications, and subsea fiber-optic cable landing stations.

Partner With Trustworthy Commercial Finance Experts

When it comes to applying for commercial financing, it’s important to partner with experts you can trust. Not only do our financial advisors help you select the best loan options for your business, they also work hard to adapt the terms and interest rates to your specific circumstances. If you have less than ideal credit or your business operates on a seasonal basis, that’s no obstacle to qualifying for excellent loans to help stabilize your cash flow. Learn more about all the options available by contacting our friendly team right away.